Roof Repairs – Residential, Commercial and Industrial Roofs

Hail, wind and other storms can damage your roof. It is essential that any damage is promptly inspected and repaired. A prompt repair can prevent many thousands of dollars in damage to the interior of your home or commercial structure due to leaking water.

Roof Repairs

Becker Roofing and Exteriors is experienced and well-qualified to handle roof repairs. We are general roofing contractors that believe in providing you with an honest opinion regarding whether you need a simple repair or a complete roofing replacement. Often a repair can add years of life to your roof.

Do You Have a Roof Leak?

Texas has more hail than any other state. That coupled with the fact that much of our hail is larger in size than in most other places, damage from storms is not unusual. Other factors can cause damage to your roof, including age, heat, and UV rays. Many people falsely assume because they don’t have leaks, there is no damage. Often, this is not the case. Call us for an inspection after both annually and after any significant storm. Repairing damage to your roof before a leak will prevent water damage to the interior of your home. We will give you an honest evaluation of whether you need a repair or a whole new roof. We specialize in hail, wind, and other storm damage. We offer emergency, 24/7 roof repairs.

Emergency Roof Repairs — Prevent Damage From a Leaky Roof

We offer emergency roof repairs. Don’t wait until your leaky roof damages your interior. Call us. 24/7 Service.

Other Exterior Damage

We know, after a storm, you may have other exterior damage. We are able to help with all exterior storm damage, including:

  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Painting
  • Siding
  • Electrical
  • More

Free Roof Inspections and Estimates

A roofing inspection is the first step in determining if you need a roof repair or replacement. Roofing inspections should be done both annually and after any significant storm. Your free inspection can prevent further damage, prolong the life of your roof, and increase its longevity. Remember, Becker Roofing and Exteriors, provides you a written, detailed report noting the status of your roof and any damage found with your free roofing inspection.

Whether you have roof damage due to hail, wind, or other storms, we can help. We repair all roofs, including residential, commercial, and industrial roofs. We are the storm restoration experts.

Don’t let hail damage get you all wet. Repair roof damage from hail before your roof leaks. For your free roofing inspection and estimate, call Becker Roofing and Exteriors Today!

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