Finding a leak in your roof is every homeowner’s nightmare. Roofs are an expense that never seems to come at a good time, especially if you need to replace it unexpectedly. However, there are reasons why you should never let a “small” leak go.

What are the dangers of letting a small roof leak unrepaired?

Many are tempted to leave a small leak be if the cost of a new roof is beyond their capabilities at that time. However, this can lead to more significant problems that can cost tens of thousands to repair.

Structural Damage from Water Leaking into Your Roof

Even a small leak can lead to water damage to structures such as rafters, ceilings, drywall, paint, joists insulation, and more. The longer the hole has been left unrepaired, the worse this damage can become, sometimes even to making the home unsafe to live in.

Mold Due to Water from Your Leaky Roof

A small leak that allows only a little water still raises the danger of developing mold in your home. While not all people are mold sensitive to, mold can cause a variety of health issues from minor to major.  This can cause what many have colloquially called “sick building syndrome.” Symptoms are varied and can manifest as upper respiratory symptoms, including nasal stuffiness, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. Other people experience eye and skin irritations. Asthmatics tend to be especially vulnerable. Mold exposure in sensitive individuals can even cause Pulmonary Hemorrhage, which can be life threatening.

Pests Can Come in Through Holes in Your Roof

Small holes and water leave a house vulnerable to infestations of various pests. Rats can climb in and chew holes. Termites can invade and eat the wood from the inside out. All sorts of pests can enter these holes and cause anywhere from merely a nuisance to widespread damage.

Decreased Energy Efficiency due to holes in roof and insulation

Holes in your roof can damage your insulation from the water leaking onto it. Puddles of water on your insulation can lead to higher utility bills as your home becomes more susceptible to not only the element of rain but also temperature fluctuations.

Higher costs to repair your leaky roof

Preventative maintenance is worth that proverbial pound of cure. Promptly fixing a leak can save you a bundle as smaller areas can be corrected before the damage extends. Additionally, you may be able to avoid a complete roof replacement for a few more years.


Fixing a leaky roof, or even better, repairing the damage before your roof leaks can save you many thousands in repairs down the road. Inspections and prevention of further damage is an essential part of your home maintenance.