5-steps to Prevent Costly Hail Damage to Your Roof

Ah, hailstorms; that act of God that can cause so much damage to your roof and property. Texas not only has more hailstorms than other states but also has larger hail — some literally the size of golf balls or larger striking your roof. While you can’t prevent hailstorms, there are ways to help avoid some damage.

What steps can I take to prevent hail-damage to my roof?

Replacing your roof comes at considerable expense, so reducing the damage is crucial. Not all hail causes visible immediate damage. Much damage can be just bruising or soft spots that can be repaired. Most preventative measures start with installation.

1.     Install hail-resistant roofing when you replace your roof

Invest in high-quality hail resistant shingles. Stronger shingles, especially in Texas, can save you money in the long run. Warmer shingles are better at resisting fractures and other damage than cooler shingles. The cost of these impact resistant shingles can sometimes be offset by insurance discounts. Consult with an experienced roofer to learn more about which shingles would be best for your roof and budget.

2.     Consider metal roofing instead of asphalt shingles

While metal roofing is more common in commercial roofing, it is increasingly being used in residential settings as well. Areas prone to excessively frequent and larger hail should consider this option. Metal roofing is more impact resistant than even the most durable of asphalt shingles.

3.     Ensure your roofer installs rigid roof sheathing

Your roof depends on the substrate for stability. The rigid sheathing is less likely to flex offering additional structural stability, thus reducing some of the risks of hail damage. Always use a professional roofing contractor such as Becker Roofing and Exteriors to install your roof. Correct installation procedures, experience, and knowledge go a long way towards improving the lifespan of your roof.

4.     Get regular roofing inspections by a qualified roofer

Roof damage from hail is not always immediate or evident. Small bruising, fractures and dents, or missing granules that can cause significant problems later can often be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new roof. Repairs and shingle replacements can extend the lifespan of your roof often by years. Remember the keyword, however. Qualified. Many roofers in Texas hang up their shingle when a hailstorm occurs, but will be long gone when problems are found. Using a roofer that will still be around when and if problems develop is essential to the good health of your roof.

5.     Lastly, make sure you get an insurance plan that covers your roof

Always make sure you use an insurance company that is secure and dependable. Ask your insurance agent about hail damage to your roof. Many policies exclude this. An annual roofing inspection can help you protect your rights and maximize your claim. If you do suspect hail damage, make sure you get another immediate inspection from your well-qualified roofer. Becker Roofing and Exteriors offers a free, detailed written analysis of your roof that helps maximize your rights in the event of a claim.


While you can’t avoid hail, you can take steps to minimize the costly financial setback can occur. Hail damage can not only hurt your roof but can cause leaks that damage your interior. Making sure you get your roof inspected annually – more often if you suspect damage can decrease the risk of further problems. Always use high quality materials during installation. A well-qualified roofer should be consulted for any roofing problems. We at Becker Roofing and Exteriors can help ensure your rights in the event of a hail related claim. Plus, we can fix other hail damage to the exterior of your home. If you’ve had a significant hail storm, or just need your annual roof inspection, call Becker Roofing and Exteriors today.