3 Reasons to Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

Roofing inspections. We always see ads for them. We know we should have one, but do we need a roofer to inspect the roof? There are a few advantages to using a professional to inspect your roof at least annually, and sometimes more frequent inspections can be necessary, especially after hail or high winds.

The best reason for a roof inspection is your insurance.

Why you should use a roofing professional to inspect your roof

Don’t wait until after there is damage to your roof to get an inspection. Insurance companies tend to want proof that you took precautions to prevent or limit the damage before paying the claim. These companies also want to make sure that the event, such as the most recent hail storm is the cause of the loss. Often, insurance companies impose time limits for paying claims. For this reason, they often demand to see that the prior roofing inspection performed by a professional. If that roofing inspection was several years prior, you are likely to get less payout, if any, on your claim.

Climbing on your roof can be unsafe to both you and your roof.

Getting on ladders is often best left to professionals. Climbing up on your roof is even less safe. Add to that they additional damage you can do when walking on your roof, especially if the area has some pre-existing issues. Roofers are trained to spot problems before they walk on your roof. Plus, they generally have special equipment that makes this a safer proposition.

Roofers have the expertise to spot problems you don’t see.

As homeowners, we often catch only apparent problems. Roofers have the experience and the expertise to find a small problem before it becomes a major one. While an obvious issue is easy to spot, even small problems can cause significant damage if water leaks into your home.

Since Texas has Texas sized hail, you might need an inspection more frequently than once a year. A professional roofing inspection is that ounce of prevention that prevents that pound of cure. Save yourself thousands of dollars and get your free roofing inspection with Becker Roofing and Exteriors today. Our free written, detailed reports satisfy your insurance companies requests for documentation and can be the difference between getting paid and not getting paid for your claim.