Your Homeowners Insurance Policy May Cover Your Hail Damaged Roof

Water is the most destructive force in nature, but it’s even more destructive to your roof when it comes in the form of hail. While many insurance policies do cover roof repairs and replacement if your repair is due to hail, to get the most for your coverage, you do need to contact a roofer. Your roofing specialist will meet with your insurance adjuster and make sure all damage is noted.

How do you make sure you get the most for your roofin insurance dollar?

The first step is a professional roof inspection

The first thing that is necessary if you suspect you may have damage from that last hail storm is to act quickly. Most insurance policies do require you file within a specific time frame. You can’t afford to wait to see if you do have damage or a leak. Besides reducing your likelihood of getting paid for an insurance claim, you want to protect your home from leaks that can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. You do not want to climb on your roof yourself and see if you believe the damage is a problem, as there are many problems that cannot easily be spotted. A qualified roofer with experience in helping people with insurance claims is the best person to talk to regarding your roof if you suspect hail damage. What steps should you take if you are concerned about hail damage to your roof?

 First, call your roofer for a free roofing inspection.
 Get a written, detailed report from your roofer for proof for your insurance. You’re your roofer you would prefer your detailed report with pictures noting the damage found.
 If your roofer notes that you may need repairs or replacements, call your insurance agent immediately to find out what coverage you have for your roof.
 Schedule an insurance adjuster to come out to assess the damage.
 Call your roofer and make sure he meets with your insurance adjuster. The insurance is there to protect the insurance company. You want a roofer on your side, looking out for your interests.


If you have roof damage due to hail, you may be able to defray part or all your roof repair or replacement cost. However, you do need to take steps to assure all damage is noted, and that you can collect the most for your claim. Becker roofing specializes in helping with the necessary documentation that helps you collect the most allowed for your roofing claim.