Dealing With Insurance Claims

One requirement to owning a property is to have that property insured. Filing an insurance claim can be a stressful event in your life. Everything is going fine when all of a sudden disaster strikes and you have to file an insurance claim? Suddenly you find yourself trying to get your insurance company to pay the benefits of your policy.

The general procedures are follows:

• You file a claim with the insurance company for damage to your property.
• An insurance agent will investigate the specifics of your claim.
• The insurance company may send out an investigator called the adjustor, to make an objective evaluation of the damages.
• If the claim is substantiated by the adjustor, the claim is paid.

The procedure seems very simple but there are a couple of issues that you can run into:

1. What happens if the bill for damages is inflated to get additional compensation?
2. If an adjuster is hired, will they be objective to your claim?

The best way to handle an insurance claim is to not do it yourself. Get a reputable contractor to take care of this for you. The contractor will check the damage and use software to estimate the cost of restoring your property.

The contractor determines if the claim is correct. When the adjustor from the company comes for his own evaluation, you can show him the report from the contractor. Sometimes, the adjustor will not consider some of the damage so the claim estimate will be lowered. However, with your own contractor, you are assured that the claim is fair.

If you decide to apply for a claim, it is your basic responsibility to substantiate your documents. The function of the contractor is to supply a complete detailed estimate of your loss. By hiring a reputable contractor, you will be saving hundred of dollars in the replacement of your damaged property. The tasks of the contractor will include:

• Assessment of the property damage
• Estimate the cost of property damage
• Completes negotiations with insurance towards fair settlement of claim.
• Assist in repair or reconstruction of damaged property.

When you file an insurance claim, you would want your claim to be settled fairly. If you can’t do the job yourself, you will have to hire the services of a contractor anyway. This is the best way to handle insurance claim. Roofing contractor has ethical and highly trained staff to inspect your property prior to your claim and to assist you with this process.

Unlike the adjustors of insurance companies who might be biased in favor of their affiliates, contractors are objective and fair in estimating the value of your claim. They know which to include and the fair amount that is due. After fulfillment of the claim, they can also help you repair your damaged property.

So, you can deal with your insurance company on your own or have a professional take care of it for you. The best part is the feeling of satisfaction that the procedure was fair and that your property will be taken care of.