“A Little Bit More” Goes a Long Way

How Sean Becker, owner of Becker Roofing and Exteriors, went from “down and out” to “out on roofs”!

By Jess Muraski

Everyone has a story. A story as to who they are, why they live where they do, why they married who they married. Stories make up our lives, whether told or kept to ourselves.

You have a story as to what brought you to this site. Perhaps your roof is leaking from a hail storm you just had and you need help, fast! Maybe you were researching roofers because you are considering giving that drab roof an upgrade! Maybe you are a roofer, looking for a new resource. Or, perhaps you just stumbled across the blog accidentally, thinking it was something completely different. Either way- you have a story.

Well, we have stories too and THIS one in particular is the “Sales Story” of our owner, Sean Becker. 

His old work equipment… stolen. Moving in with his parents. Waiting tables.

April 2010; that was where Sean Becker was. Not exactly the place a 27-year-old wanted to be, especially one as independent as Sean, but there nonetheless. His only option was to continue to search for the next opportunity… something bigger, something better.

We’ve all been through the process of posting our resume, and sending it out for people to ignore and toss to the side. And just like the rest, Sean did just that with only two options to arise from his efforts: an interview with a roofer, and an interview with a bible salesman. After considering the options, and taking into account that his parents had just purchased a new roof for more than just a few new bibles, he realized roofing was the choice.

He hit the ground running with his new position as a Roof Salesman, selling multiple roofs in a short time. It was an addiction that would only grow throughout the years. Still, as much as he loved working outside, being up on roofs doing inspections, and helping all the people he got to meet, it seemed the paycheck still wasn’t coming in. It had been six months and he was selling roofs, but closing the projects and getting paid just wasn’t happening!

After only getting somewhere around $5k for the first six months, he pressed on with the help of a new roofing contractor. Training that we currently have available wasn’t an option at that time in the industry, so it took time, research, and staring at YouTube tutorials each  evening. But combined with countless hours of ride alongs with his boss, things began to look up. By his seventh month in the industry, Sean boomed and began closing roof sales like crazy.

In April of 2011, only one year after starting, Sean met a couple needing a roof and that would be his turning point in the business. As he went to inspect their roof (and consequently ended up selling them a new one), he proceeded to sell 12 more roofs on the street with the help a referral of his new customers. He then went on to sell another 12 more on the next street over, all from referrals!

By 2012, Sean was buying a house with his beautiful fiancee, and in 2013 the two were married in Europe and were able to travel for their honeymoon. Life was different for the Beckers. Of course they had more financial freedom as a result of Sean’s success in the industry, but the new career path had also offered Sean freedom in general. He could set his own hours; base his schedule around things he had to accomplish and around the schedules of his customers in order to really utilize his time well and sell more roofs.

In April of 2015, Sean opened up his first roofing business with a partner, naming the venture SBMG Contracting. For three years, Sean poured all he had into the company, growing his list of customers who trusted him with the roof over their heads. Finally, in 2018 the partners decided to separate and open their own individual companies, to support their growing families.

Things went high speed for Sean from 2011-2018, and they are only continuing to grow due to his persistence, his dedication, and his desire to to always do “a little bit more” everyday. Though it was a process to get to this point in his career and life, it was worth it.

“If you like it, stick with it. Work with patience and speed,” is Sean’s advice to those considering entering the career. What does he mean by this? Understand that it takes time and be patient, but always be working towards getting things accomplished. Hustle and make each day count. Learn all you can, take advantage of training offered, and realize that sometimes there may be roadblocks- such as a long insurance claim process or rough weather.

But regardless of a tough start, the roadblocks or the extra skills you need to learn to close a sale, it can be done- just look at Sean!