Congratulations! You have survived a tough storm, found a great roofer that you trust to fix your roof damage, who has helped you through your insurance claim process (at least I hope- if not, call us!) and now you are scheduled for install! What next?

Here are a few things you want to consider, before all those strangers invade the exterior of your home and cause a slight ruckus. Ok, a large ruckus- but it’s worth it!

1. First of all, be prepared to share your driveway!

I know we all have “our spots” that we like to park in; we rush home to beat our significant other there each day! But to make this process as efficient as possible for our subcontractors (and speedy for you), we hope that we can count on your flexibility with your driveway.

We will likely need to have roofing material delivered the morning of or the night before your installation date. More often than not, the best place for delivery is at the top of the driveway (I know, convenient right?). Access to your driveway is also ideal throughout the process so that we can ensure our crew cleans up all debris that they can, some of which lands in the driveway.

We will not take this generosity as an open invitation to park at your house any time we are in the neighborhood, so please try to work with your roofer in this regard.

2. Go get some TP or be prepared to rock the earmuffs!

In order to ensure your roof is firmly affixed to your home in all the right places, subcontractors will be slamming their hammer often, and loudly. There are also constant sounds of feet on the roof, supplies being set down on the roof, and equipment or machinery used in order to get the job done right. Even a Kanye concert beats some of the noises that are made during a roofing installation.

Unfortunately, it does come with the territory, so we recommend maybe taking some time away from the house that day. Perhaps you took a day off from the daily grind… Spend some time pampering yourself, or get those last minute items from the grocery store you keep forgetting to get (toilet paper is the item I always forget and let me tell you, that can put one in quite a pickle!)

If home is your zone, then be prepared to rock those stylish earmuffs we are so fortunate to not need here in Texas!

3. You are in the Danger Zone!

If you are home during the roof installation, or if you have other loved ones who might be, please remember that the exterior of your home is a danger zone! It is a construction site after all, that isn’t exactly what we like to call a playground.

Please keep all children and pets that you would prefer to survive the construction inside or away from the work area. Shingles or tools may slide from the roof and noggins are NOT the place we want those things to land!

If retreating from your home is necessary, please be sure to alert someone on the ground so that the entire crew is aware that you will be walking outside.

4. Don’t forget about your valuables!

All of our subcontractors work carefully to try and ensure that nothing is damaged during construction, however shi*ngles happens! With this in mind, take the following precautions to protect the items you care about more than that spare kid under your shingle pile:

  • Remove any lose items from the walls or on shelves. Hammering may cause vibrations strong enough to knock these items down
  • Remove items from around the exteriors of the home- remember items will fall from the roof during installation, and you don’t want to have to replace patio furniture, bicycles, grills, etc (We will make every effort to protect shrubbery and flowers during construction but please understand it may not always be possible)

5. Fees for maid NOT included!

During construction, there is an occasional nail that pops through to the interior; we will not be held responsible for those (or pre-existing cracks or damage) not covered by insurance.

During the installation, the removal and replacement of shingles may cause granules or dust to land on the floor in your home. Unfortunately, we do not offer vacuum services, so that will be up to the homeowner to tend to or ignore for as long as possible, before spiders start building nests and invading (in which case I would move).

We will, however, do everything we can to ensure that nails and debris are removed from around your house before we leave. Please be aware for those stray nails, who drift from the crowd and land in the perfect spot to stab an unexpecting human. We get most nails, but as many may know, some little things have a mind of their own!

6. We work hard, so we can play hard!

We will do everything to ensure that no debris or nails are left behind, ready to cause unwanted piercings. However, as we all know, no one is perfect.

We will not be held liable for any damage done to electrical lines, gas lines, or a/c hoses or pipes that are improperly installed and invading in our space without our recognition.

Occasionally, removing and resetting your satellite dish may cause a loss of reception. Please contact your favorite utility provider for any issues that may arise.

7. Communication is K-E-Y!

Please always communicate with your sales representative for any problems that might arise. We are here for you and we want to ensure that your experience throughout this process is relaxed and simple.

Though we can’t speak for all roofers, we aim to treat every customer as family- as if our own is in need of assistance and repair so the “roof over their heads” does its’ job.

Always make sure you know what to expect from your roofer! Every business is different and different aspects may be handled differently for each.

Now, let’s work together and kick the ASPHALT out of your roof!